Locations in Portland and Wilton Maine
PO Box 833, Wilton ME 04294

About Us

Upright Frameworks is a growing company of 17 people, founded by Josh Wojcik and supported by experienced family and friends.

Born and raised in Maine, Josh has been working (either on site or as a consultant) with his father on construction projects since he was 10. He's a practical environmentalist, whose gift is finding good solutions to complex problems. He earned his B.S. in Environmental Science and his Masters in Public Affairs at Cornell University. He has run a non-profit that improved housing and worked both for the Mayor and as an advocate for the regional mass transit authority to make New York City's transportation network more sustainable. In October of 2007, Josh became one of the first people in the State of Maine to graduate from the Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) School in West Virginia. He is committed to making homes work much better. And he's committed to doing it right, the first time.

Tom Wojcik has over 25 years experience as a Maine builder, specializing in residential and light commercial constructions and renovations. Originally trained as a tool and dye maker, he has an extensive background in heavy manufacturing operations. Tom oversees the new construction division and helps train all new employees.

Zetta Wojcik has 30 years experience in administrative and financial management of Maine businesses. She has worked in real estate, health care, and in the school system. Zetta oversees all human resource procedures and supervises the company’s bookkeeping systems.

Ross Cram is a LEED accredited building professional working with Upright Frameworks designing and building energy efficient SIP structures. He grew up in Iowa City, Iowa, received his B.A. in Mathematics from St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN in 2003 and Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Minnesota in 2008. In the summer of 2008 Ross and his wife Lorien moved to western Maine. He has been working with Upright Frameworks since the spring of 2009. 

Jake Pettitt has been with Upright Frameworks for three years.  He has 15 years experience as a carpenter and an impeccable record as a project manager at Upright.  Jake is known for his affable manner, his an energetic lead-by-example style and he is a stickler for proper air-sealing techniques.  For Jake, this is not just a job.  It is an opportunity to impact the world in a positive way through helping our customers and by helping to train our younger employees.  Jake lives in the Farmington area with his wife Sarah and their three dogs.  He enjoys fishing, hunting and snowshoeing on the weekends.

Sage Friedman received his MBA from Yale University in 2004, and has played an integral role in the launch of four start-up companies—including Upright Frameworks. He consults on strategy and partnerships.




Hilary Wojcik-Casey joined the family business in 2011. After 15 years in sales and marketing, working with fortune 500 companies, she is focused on building the Upright Frameworks brand through experience, tenacity and hard work.  Hilary is proud to be a recent Breast Cancer Survivor and enjoys a busy life- with her husband, two daughters, black lab, family and friends.  



Dede Schmitt Wilder brings over 20 years of design, building, and renovation experience to Upright Frameworks.  She has designed and built new everything from new additions for antique homes to new buldings, and remodeled and renovated numerous homes,  kitchens, and baths, earning her a reputation for creating comfortable, beautiful, and well-lit living spaces.  She writes,   "I love looking at a 2-D drawing and visualizing what it will feel like to walk through the space. Going back and forth between 2-D and 3-d while designing spaces and floorplans is immensely fun and satisyfing.  It's a great mental challenge, somewhat like doing a crossword puzzle.  I'd always surprised and delighted by walking through the finished space and remembering what it looked like on paper."  Dede holds a B.A.with Honors in Architecture from Smith College, which she earned in 2005, returning to school to formalize her years of hands on experience.