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What our customers are saying...

Kathleen Burns, Topsham ME
Hi Hilary, "We are very pleased with the insulation  project and have already felt a difference. I don’t know if it’s all in my mind or not, but it feels like a warm blanket over us. We were also very impressed with Jake and the team. They worked efficiently and well together. We have already recommended you to… (read more)
Mitch Lench, Cape Elizabeth ME
"Hi Hilary,  We were very happy with the quality of work that was done by the Upright team and we'll be glad to refer on friends to your company.  We also may be back in touch regarding some renovation projects we are planning to have done.  Best regards" Mitch (read more)
Ethan Jones, Bath ME
  " My home energy adviser strongly recommended Uprightframeworks and I am very glad he did.  From Kevin's initial inspection, to scheduling the work, to completing the work, to processing the Efficiency Maine paperwork, the uprightframeworks crew were courteous and competent.  The attic insulation was the primary focus of the job on (read more)
Doug Weisz, Cumberland ME
  "Hi Josh, I'm interested in getting a quote on the rest of our insulation project. You originally quoted three different parts of our house, and we did about half the work (attic and some basement). I'd love to reopen the conversation and talk about what it would take/cost to get us to the finish line. (read more)
Adam Mattews, York ME
  "Josh & Co, Just wanted to send along my thanks and appreciation for a job well done on our camp in Stratton.  I appreciate the time you spent going over details, options, rebate programs, all my questions, etc.  You and your crew were responsive, thorough and clean.   We knew that camp was leaking… (read more)
Connie Coleman, Rangley Maine
  "Dear Kevin & Joshua,  Thank you so much for a great improvement to my house. I am so  enjoying the difference in comfort. Next year I should see a substantial difference in my heating expense. It shows already!  Thanks also for your crew of fine young men. It was a pleasure to… (read more)
Nathan Blakemore, Kennebunk Maine
  "Josh, Your crew did an excellent job on the house. I fee l they went above and beyond in the work they did. I have already noticed a huge difference in the draft reduction in the house and we are looking forward to the saving this will provide us this winter. I have contacted DeWitt to… (read more)
Dan Ryder, Jay Maine
  "Here's the deal with Upright Frameworks: they do the job I would if I had skill, time, knowledge, experience, foresight, resources and . . . never mind. I could never do the job they do.  The crew treated our home as it were their own, noticing the little things that really finish the job and making… (read more)
First Parish Congregational Church, Yarmouth Maine
Josh – wanted to say again how much the staff of First Parish appreciated your staff.  They were professional, presented themselves when they arrived, checked on what was happening at the church that day and made every effort to work around church events and activities.  In addition they kept us… (read more)
Kelly Bicknell, Buxton Maine
  Hi Josh, I wanted to take a minute and let you know how great the crew was  while they were working here.  Everyone was so courteous,  professional, knowledgeable, and helpful.  It is really refreshing to  find people you can count on and who take such pride in their work.  I  was impressed with… (read more)