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Dan in Bath

Dan Keefe, Bath Maine

Hi Josh,
Just finished the inspection with DeWitt and he was very impressed with the work your crew did on my house. He'll be calling you guys sometime but he told me you improved my house by nearly 48%! I am so happy! Your entire crew was so nice, professional, enthusiastic, thorough, tidy . . . it was obvious they all took pride in their work and I truly appreciate that. I am so glad we hired your company and we will most definitely be calling on you for future projects.
Seeing the work being done on my house, my neighbor started talking to Jake about having work done on her home. (Jake is a good salesman.) Afterward I went over to her place to reiterate what a great company and crew you have. She was struck right away by your crew. (They do stand out in a good way.) I told her we chose you because of how thorough you all are. Other companies we got quotes from failed to take into account the roof over the porch and the back of the house (in the kitchen area). I told her to expect your quote to appear to be more money than other companies but to take into consideration what the other companies are overlooking and therefore not charging for. I hope she too decides to hire you folks when she is ready.
Thanks again! I wish I'd done this along time ago! We could actually tell a difference that very same night. You guys are the best!
Beck & Dan