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Whitney in New Gloucester

Whitney Holloway, New Gloucester Maine

I wanted to write to let you know that I could not be happier by the work that was done to 'retrofit' insulation into my old 1870 Cape in New Gloucester, on February 20-21st, 2012.

Jake Pettitt and Zack Rogers and Jake Rackliff  arrived promptly that Monday and left my house cleaner than when they'd arrived, on Tuesday.  They executed the blower door test in the kitchen and we began @ 6700-6750... a giant oil-sucking piece of swiss cheese!

Jake's note upon completion said that the second blower door test was 4400-4500, so an improvement of 33 to 35%. I am guessing in a house of my size, with what was there for insulation; that is a pretty good improvement.

Your team of employees are both knowledgeable and polite, and to my eye- very efficient with their time and executing a spot on, perfect job in a crooked, old house. Even when faced with a horizontal 2x4 that ran the length of the room, too far down the wall cavity to drill a hole for Zack's hose, but too far up in the wall to ignore; the boys stepped back & assessed and figured out a solution that both worked and was still able to be accomplished in my time frame. That was my greatest fear in going with some other company; where a less experienced or lazier individual likely would have just blown the rest of the cavity up to the roof vent, leaving four feet of un-addressed roof cavity on which ice dams could form. It just seemed to be a small hurdle for Zack and the two Jakes.

I suppose lots of times homeowners are not present, but I was glad to be there to witness the care and fantastically thorough job the boys did on my old house, Whit's End. Jake Pettitt even went over just exactly what kind of exterior insulated cellar door I need to build (or have built) to increase efficiency at the cellar crawlspace. He also filled in and insulated a gaping hole that I'd cut through the clapboards under my back porch just beautifully.

You, Upright Frameworks have a great deal to be proud of!

Your 'team', in Jake, Jake, & Zack were highly professional, fun to work with and fantastic at what they do. I would recommend Upright Frameworks to anyone wishing to improve their heat efficiency or save on oil consumption. I suspect with the recent press of the Hartfords in Peru and the cover story in Falmouth of the church with the ice dam problem, that you all are getting plenty of phone calls. I know Josh is running around doing plenty of quotes!

Word of mouth was what brought me to you and I will be spreading the word about what a fabulously run company Upright is!