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Fred in Pittston

Fred Kimball, Pittston Maine

We are very pleased with the finished project. The UF team did a great job.

As you know, this house is our 7th major construction project counting new houses, garage, major additions, and now this renovation. Along the way, we have learned much about dealing with contractors. We have always had talented builders, but what separates the Upright Frameworks team from most of the others is not only having talented craftsmen but also providing a great customer experience. You communicated well and often prior to the start of the project. You provided a detailed scope of work and pricing. The work was started on schedule and completed fully within our timeframe. Unlike many contractors who have just one really talented carpenter, your team was very versatile with most of the craftsmen having the skills to handle any part of our project well. We know this made the job go faster and kept the costs in line. The workers fully respected our property and showed great empathy for the disruption in our living space that a major project entails. They cleaned up the job site completely. We could not have asked for anything better. Please share our satisfaction with your entire team, and if you need us to be a reference for Upright Frameworks, we will be happy to do so.

Thanks for everything!