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We've partnered with our friends at Energy Circle to bring you this hand-picked selection of user tested energy efficiency products. We believe this is the best gear available, and it all comes with Energy Circle's 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Todol Pur Shooter Foam Gun

Regular Price: $35.95Special Price: $32.00

Make your seals a work of art! A smooth and precise tool for sealing the crevices around your home.

Why Upright Frameworks loves this product:

This pistol is standard issue to all our weatherization technicians.

Long Barrel Foam Gun


The ideal tool for hard-to-reach air leaks - 28" application gun is best for tight spots requiring low expansion foam application.

Why Upright Frameworks loves this product:

This bad boy is the big brother of smaller foam gun we like.  Our weatherization retrofit crews always have a couple of these with them.  They're perfect for those hard to reach spots.

Todol Pur Fill 1G Foam


A closed cell, single-component expanding foam perfect for tackling those big, nasty air leaks.

Why Upright Frameworks loves this product:

As far as foams go, this one's the best.  It has the max expansion capability and the canister is fully empty when you're done - unlike its competitors.  We use Pur Fill on a daily basis.

WaterPik EcoFlow 3 Mode Showerhead


Low flow, 3 settings, stylish design, toggle switch, saves money.

Why Upright Frameworks loves this product:

The best low-flow shower head out there for a very reasonable price.  Yes - I've got this in my own shower.

High Expansion foam (600 board ft; 50 cu ft)


Two-part foam for air sealing projects is designed to block leaks from the outside in, and the inside, out, and for big voids. Insulates and seals leaks.

Why Upright Frameworks loves this product:

If you don't want to use a professional spray foam contractor, this is the way to go.  This kit will seal your rim joists nicely. 

Just make sure you use a strong respirator and read the instructions carefully.

Tamarack AireTrak Advantage

Regular Price: $99.00Special Price: $95.00

Actually, yes, the Tamarack Airetrak Advantage really IS a know it all (and do-it-all). See you later, moisture-ridden bathroom.

Why Upright Frameworks loves this product:

If you're lucky enough to get your house so tight it needs a little extra ventilation, this fan controller is a must.  We have installed these in dozens of homes.

Aube 24V Low Voltage Programmable Thermostat

Programmable low voltage thermostat smart enough to work with forced hot air systems and central air conditioning.
Why Upright Frameworks loves this product:

Turning your heat down when you leave the house is a great energy saver.  This little bad boy puts that strategy on auto-pilot!

Panasonic WhisperLite Fan


Take whisper-quiet mechanical ventilation, and add energy efficient lighting. Your home has never been so healthy.

Why Upright Frameworks loves this product:

Proper ventilation is critical to a healthy home environment.