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New Construction

Upright Frameworks specializes in the ultra-insulated Framing Systems utilizing SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) perfect for residential and commercial buildings. These systems and our experienced team can help you obtain an Energy Star Rating and/or LEED Certification.

In addition to slashing your heating costs, SIPS are terrific in that they:

·       Offer an affordable building option—no matter what your budget.

·       Are strong and straight, creating buildings that are easier to maintain.

             ·       Conserve energy and resources


Who knew you could actually 

save money every year 

by building your dream home.


The average Maine household spends about $3,000 per year on heat, and most of that heat is lost almost immediately due to air-leakage. Our goal as a company was to cut that number in half. What we did not expect was to see results that far surpassed reductions of 50%. 

In our search to build smarter and provide our customers with more heat efficient and greener building options, we explored several solutions, including insulated concrete walls and roomier framing techniques that accommodate additional insulation. But it wasn’t until we started working with structural insulated panels (SIPs) that we found the right combination of thermal performance, structural precision and workability.

We offer a range of services for new construction:

General Contracting

Upright Frameworks offers general contracting services on a select basis.

Design Consulting

We offer Project Development Consulting. Depending on your budget, project goals, and your property's unique site conditions, we can help in one of three ways:

·       Custom. Give us your ideas or drawings; we’ll give your project structure (and insulation).

·       Semi-Custom.  By combining your ideas with our expertise, we will design a package for your need at a price no other high performance system can match.

·       UF Pre-design. Popular designs, paired with our expertise, offer the lowest cost way to ensure a                 high performance building. Click the thumbnails below to see our current pre-designed options. We will continue to add new options in the weeks and months ahead.

                    The Wilson                                               The Alderbrook



Once you've decided that our system is right for your project, we can help in a number of ways:

·       We Can Serve as a Framing/Insulation Subcontractor. Our team of expert installers will come to your site (along with all the necessary equipment) to raise and enclose your SIPs in just a few days.

·       We Serve As Installation Consultants. Our installation expert will work with your builder’s crew to ensure that our system is installed properly—the first time.

·       We Find Qualified, Independent Builders. We are happy to connect you with a local builder who has experience working with our systems.

We understand the value of eliminating the guesswork from your project planning efforts. For pricing, additional information or questions, please contact us via our contact page or by emailing us at  jwojcik@uprightframeworks.com or calling 207.749.9656. We're happy to discuss how our products and services can help bring your project to life.