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Air Sealing

Getting your house Upright Tight.

Insulation is a great start, but air sealing the buildings envelope is where you’ll really see a savings and feel a difference.  By sealing off all the invisible leaks and holes in your building, you’ll not only save money but you’ll stop those cold drafts and temperatures will be more even and easier to maintain in your home. All that AND you’ll be creating a space that supports a more environmentally responsible way of life.  




A Word On Ventilation

Whenever you properly air-seal and insulate a building (either new construction or retrofit), you must develop a ventilation strategy.  Anyone who advises otherwise doesn’t fully understand the principles of cold-weather building.

When it comes to buildings, you can have it one of two ways:

1. Build a conventional structure that “breathes.” These buildings may have insulation, but they are literally designed to allow air to pass freely through their walls and roof. When the weather is calm, you may retain some heat, but the air inside will quickly become stale. When the wind is blowing, you will lose heat rapidly, but you’ll feel fresh air in the form of cold drafts.

2. Insulate and seal your building properly. By sealing your structure, you not only gain control over the indoor temperature, you also gain control of your indoor air quality. A proper ventilation system will filter outside pollutants (including allergens) while preserving the heat inside. The result? You can cut your heating bill in half, while enjoying fresh air year round.

We spend 90 percent of our time indoors. But the air inside of our homes, schools and businesses is usually several times—and up to 100 times—more polluted than the air outdoors. It’s not surprising that the American Lung Association and the Maine Interior Air Quality Council recommend ventilators in every business and home, especially where children and elderly residents live. 

Several northern states (including Vermont and Minnesota) already have require ventilators as part of their building codes. To learn more information about air quality, visit:

·       Maine Chapter, American Lung Association position on indoor air quality

·       Maine Indoor Air Quality Council IAQ Checklist For New Residential Construction



Ice Dams

Icicles may be pretty, but ice dams can be dangerous and can cause thousands of dollars in structural and cosmetic damages, and preventing them may be easier than you think.

Solution: A proper Weatherization Retrofit

Ice dams are caused by warm air escaping through air leaks from your home to your roof. The warm air melts the snow on your roof, which then drips down to the edge of the roof until it reaches the point just above the exterior wall and freezes again. As this process continues, this ice builds up until it begins to creep underneath shingles, melt once again, and drip into your home. This can cause up to tens of thousands of dollars in remediation costs -- your roof may need to be replaced, drywall may need to be replaced and re-painted, mold may build up inside your walls, carpets and furniture can be damaged, and rotten wood may pose structural risks.

Although removing the snow from your roof is a short-term solution, the way to prevent ice dams in the future is to prevent the transmission of heat from your living space to your roof by sealing all air leaks and upgrading insulation. Our process begins with a home energy audit, which pinpoints deficiencies in your home's thermal envelope by using an infrared scanner to identify air leaks and insufficient insulation; followed by air sealing and insulation improvements to ensure that your home will remain ice-dam-free for decades to come.




Renewable Energy

Solar energy:

Weather your looking to run your hot water with solar enegery, or your whole house, we can get you started and connect you with the right people.





Home Energy Loans

Weatherization and Home Energy Loans:

For Weatherization and other Home Energy improvements, youc an save money on energy costs while increasing your homes comfort.  Check out some of these 5, 10 and 15 yr low interest options! 




Incentives & Rebates

Don’t miss out on state and government money!   We are here to provide support not only on the job, but when it comes to getting you well-deserved paybacks.