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What's beautiful about your home? The simple answer should be: everything

But beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.   For us, we see beauty in elegant aesthetics, efficiency, and affordability.   A home is a visual representation of your values and though small in size, houseSimple speaks volumes about your values. 

Ranging in size from 500 - 1,000+ square feet, our houseSimple journey starts with three customizable floor plans and overlaps them with three levels of adaptable finishes. This combination helps you tame the overwhelming number of decisions that plague the design process.  A beautiful home, should begin with some basic, enjoyable questions. 

houseSimple Designs and Floor Plans:







Finish Levels:

Granite- $150 per sqft.

Standard elements for this level include energy star appliances, all heating/hot water mechanics,in-stock cabinets, a mix of granite and corian countertops as well as a mix of flooring choices.

Quartz- $165 per sqft.

This level includes Granite level inclusions as well as additional siding, window, door, cabinet and flooring options.

Tourmaline- $180+ per sqft.

This level includes it all. Your choices are unlimited, but we’ll help you get through them.

Combining cutting edge technology with decades in residential design, Upright Frameworks’s houseSimple team will help you create a space that will inspire you to lead a simpler, more elegant life.

There is beauty in simplicity.