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Client Referral Program

Upright Frameworks Client Referrals:

We are so confident that you will be happy with your Upright experience that  we  want to offer you an easy way to accelerate your project’s payback.  Each time you refer someone to us, and they do a retrofit, we will pay for one month of your annual heating cost.  The offer is unlimited.  Each referral that turns into a project will earn you another month.

We have done over 500 weatherization retrofits and we have over 500 happy clients. We are confident and proud of our work and if you are happy with what we have done, please share your experience.

There are of course a few caveats, but they’re pretty reasonable:

  • Previously quoted work is subject to review (our costs do change over time);
  • Monthly heating costs are based on your primary residence where we have weatherized;
  • Rewards will be made based on verifiable heating bills; and
  • Rewards will be made within 30 days of the conclusion of the referral project and submission of the heating cost records.
  • To prevent abuse of the system, Upright  needs to be notified of the referral when the new party makes their inquiry.


Make the referral any way you see fit:
Send an email, give out our number or just talk us up.  Just be sure when people contact us that they give your name so we can keep track of who referred them.

To make it even easier- feel free to use the below script (you can copy and paste it into an email) to communicate who we are and what we do.

“Upright Frameworks fixed my house.  My heating costs are dramatically lower AND the space is much more comfortable.  Call Josh (the owner) at 207-749-9656 or click here: for more information. www.UprightFrameworks.com/Referrals."