Locations in Portland and Wilton Maine
PO Box 833, Wilton ME 04294

K. Osborne, Waldoboro ME

"Hi Hilary!

First and foremost - your crew was fantastic! We are very happy. They were all great guys, and they worked hard and made everything look so easy. And they were really nice guys, too! Big bonus. We were totally surprised by the weather stripping they added on 2 of our exterior doors. The 3rd one we have is the only one that HAD any weather stripping on it, and that was functioning well. That work was a surprise and has helped a lot! 

Second - we are, indeed, noticing how much warmer the house feels. It doesn't lose nearly as much heat overnight...and when I toss off my covers in the middle of the night because I'm getting too warm, the air in the room is not so chilly as it used to be.

In a nutshell, we are thrilled with the work, and feeling very satisfied!

Please give our best to the crew that did the work! And also, thanks to you for being a fabulous point of contact for me. I would gladly recommend Upright Frameworks to anyone looking to "button" up their home against heat loss!!

I like calling out when a company is 'doing it right'! 

All the best!" Kathy