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Coversation with a Classic Cape, Portland

850 gallons of oil, cut back to less than 285

Annual savings of over $2,000 year after year!

Weatherization Work will pay for itself in less than 4 years.

What sparked you to have your home Weatherized?

I ended up getting a home energy audit from DeWitt Kimball at Complete Home Evaluation Services. The audit revealed several areas in my house that were not efficient. He gave me the name of several contractors that he felt did quality work and highly recommended Upright Frameworks.

How long have you lived in this house?

 I have lived at 66 Hamblet Avenue since I purchased the house back in 1987.

What were the biggest areas of concern going into the weatherization processes?

Not knowing much about the process and wondering whether it would really make “that” much of a difference. Cost, the time it would take to meet with the weatherization companies and which one would do the best job for my situation. Paperwork to get/qualify for the Federal/State Rebates.

Why did you choose Upright Frameworks?

First the company was highly recommended by the auditor. 2) the screening process.  After meeting Josh I felt he wanted and would do the best job and 3)  just a gut feel that Upright Frameworks was the best company to do business with.  

Had you tried to take care of the areas of concern yourself or with other companies prior to contacting Upright Frameworks?

Nothing on a very large scale other than insulated shades for the windows and caulking-only the very basic things with the exception of going from a very old and inefficient oil boiler to a very modern efficient gas boiler which all the work was contracted out by professionals.

Was the work done quickly and carefully?

Very, I had expected that the work would be over a period of 2 days and there would be dust all over the house but the crew was extremely careful and work was completed in one day. I did assist in this area by pulling down and bagging some of the old insulation which helped the timeline and Josh took off a few hundred dollars from the bill as a result.  I was very impressed with the speed, quality of work and care/respect that the crew had while working in the house.

Was your home and the premises left to your satisfaction?

Yes, both inside and the outer premises were left exactly the way they were before the work was done. This is despite getting in the rafters and cellar and some very tight areas.

Was Josh and the crew knowledgeable?

Josh is very proud of his company and crew which I picked up immediately during our conversations. Josh answered all my questions, was knowledgeable, friendly, flexible, explained things very well and got back to me in a timely fashion. This is exactly the reason why I choose him and his company and glad I did. I have recommended him to others looking for the same service and one of my co-workers had the same great experience and as amazed by the energy savings as I was.

How quickly did you feel a difference?

Immediately- on cold days the work really trapped the heat in and the summer was nice and cool. This winter I didn’t have to turn my thermostat on as much and the savings to my budget was significant.

Have you noticed a reduction in your heating/cooling bill?

Huge. The previous year I went through an estimated 850 gallons of oil which in today’s dollars meant a cost of approximately $3,026 during the winter months. This winter I will spend less than $1000 during those same months due to the new efficient gas boiler but more importantly, to the weatherization efforts that were done by Upright Frameworks. The return on investment is huge and in 5 years the savings will have paid for themselves (pay for both the weatherization and boiler upgrade). Several other factors: as well such as the house is cooler during the summer months, I no longer have the ice dam build-up which caused extensive damage in the past.

What was the overall experience like?

Honestly, I wish I had done it sooner so I would have started the savings sooner. I can now turn the thermostat on 70 and turn the heat off for the cold winter evening nights and will wake up to the thermostat saying 69 or 70 degrees meaning I lost no heat during the night. Sometimes it’s so warm (and I hate to say this but its true) that we actually leave one of two windows open for fresh air-and this is during the winter months mind you.

Additional thoughts or information you would like to share with others?

Don’t delay- get an energy audit and this will give you an idea of the potential energy savings in your house. You may be surprised where you are losing energy and Upright Frameworks has all the latest and greatest technology to give you a reference point and where you might reduce your energy bill for 2013. Not all winters are going to be as mild as 2012!