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Operation Raise ME Up

Times are tough.  Our economy is on the ropes and politicians from Augusta to Washington are too busy bickering to do anything about it.  But Mainers do not wait for handouts and Mainers are not afraid to lead, when no one else is willing.

Here’s what we’re doing: 

  1. We are committing to do weatherization retrofits at cost for the first 100 clients who reserve a slot between now and December 31st, 2011.  In other words - Upright Frameworks is committing to invest 100% of its profits (approximately $50,000 for 100 projects) in Maine’s economic future.
  2. On top of this, we are committing another $15,000 to fund a rewards program that will help incentivize those who help us promote this endeavor.

In case any potential participants are hesitant, there's more:  Potential retrofit clients will get a FREE in home consultation ($150 Value) which includes a walk through and a 10 point inspection of their building's energy saving potential.  Anyone who signs up for an energy audit can get up to $75 off the price of a Complete Energy Audit from a 100% unbiased, independent auditor.  Anyone who signs up for a complete energy audit, weatherization retrofit and test-out inspection (which is how you can maximize your building's energy performance) will automatically fall under the "Upright Warranty."  Ask us for details, but essentially - if you don't see a significant performance improvement, we will pay for your next vacation.

Thanking those who help us raise up Maine's economy:

As a thank you to those who help us promote this campaign, we have several options available - based on the number of referrals generated. 

Raise ME Up! Ski GiftFor people who generate a referral that becomes a single retrofit project we have one of the following: a gift certificate for a spa day; a private acupuncture treatment; a lift ticket at a local ski resort; or we will simply donate $75 to your favorite charity. You can also save it to qualify for a higher reward level.



Portland Maine Raise ME Up giftFor friends who generate referrals that turn into three projects, we will set you up for a weekend in Portland, including a stay at one of Portland's premier hotels and dinner at a top restaurant. You can also choose to give a friend or family member a Complete Energy Audit, or we will donate $400 to your favorite charity.


Lake Vacation Gift Maine Raise ME Up!For those tenacious advocates who generate five projects, we will provide you a week at a gorgeous lake house in the Western Mountains - or donate $750 to your favorite charity.



Each referral can only be used once, so get as many referrals as you can.

 Thank you for helping spread the word about our business and our mission!

Contact us at Operation Raise ME Up